Your new favorite custom wedding invitation

Wedding is not only about tying a knot, particularly when you wish people to engage with you, and help you plan the event. It demands a lot of planning, motivation, resources, and PR if you want to have a grand wedding. There are a few people who want to go with the flow, and let the designers or experts do everything for them. But on the other hand, there are some wishing to do everything on their own. 

If you think about planning your entire wedding alone, then you would come to realize that there are only a few things one can do. The first one is your dress, then your jewelry, but it too will be designed by some designer, and lastly the custom wedding invitations. So why not do your thing, and avail this opportunity to customize as many things as possible for your wedding. 

In this article, we will share a few ideas to customize your wedding invitations. Many people assume that today designing your wedding card is a tough thing, and you might need to be an expert at using different software. Do not worry, nothing is impossible if you are really interested.

Custom cards ideas for 2021 

It is everyone’s wish to have a wedding which clearly depicts the main person’s view. It must reflect the perspective of the groom/bride. It is what we all wish for, and the first thing about any wedding is the wedding invitation, so how can you ignore it? We have mentioned a few amazing wedding card ideas for 2021, you can choose any of these and then design a custom wedding invitation card. 

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The picture of the location 

If it is a destination wedding, then everyone should know it just by looking at the card. Moreover, the custom wedding invitations with the location’s picture can be counted in the cheap wedding invitation sets. You will not have to pay as much as you would for a regularly designed card. It will be simple, with all the details of the event written on it. Those with minimum time can go for it. 

The pop-up cards 

If you want to have those vibrant cards that will increase the excitement of your guests, then the pop-up cards are the best. It can have knowledge you wish for in the pop-up section. The best idea will be to have the date numbers there. So that whenever someone will open the cards the dates of your wedding will pop up. It was just a suggestion; you can literally have anything popping out from the cards. 

Custom cards with your pictures on it 

If you are lucky enough to have some of your memorable pictures with your partner, then you should go for a card with your pictures on it. It will induce the guests to see your couple together. It is also an affordable option. If you do not want to do some designing on the cards. Moreover, you can easily create the layout, with any application. It will be fun, you can either add a picture of you two together in such a card or have the best pictures of tabteck and paste it on the card. 

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The flip-open card 

If you have too many functions for your wedding, just like a desi south Asian wedding, then having a card with many flip open areas. Under each cover, you should mention a different function with timing, so that it must be easier for the guests to know which session are they joining or can join. It will be better, to explain the event in this way, than to have a different card for each session. 


If you want to have that artistic look of your wedding invitation card, then sketches of your two partners’ to be on the wedding card. If you cannot do it, then simply ask a graphic designer or illustrator to do a favor, it will be affordable if you simply ask for the sketches and not the entire card, as you can easily prepare one. 

The formal cards 

Today, many people prefer to have those sophisticated cards for office friends. Thus, if you also want something like that, then you should simply get a theme, and write the dates with a venue on it. 

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