Electric Scooter Franchise: Definition and Cost of E-vehicle Franchise?

 What is Electric Scooter Franchise

Electric scooter business is one of the most successful types of a seasonal business. Provided favorable weather conditions, electric scooters crowd cities’ streets. However, when it comes to the launch of an e-scooter sharing business, many startups stumble on heavy cost of custom e-vehicle sharing app development and the tiresome creation process. However, as an alternative to pricey and time-consuming personalized development, Rexsoft developers offer a more cost and time-friendly solution – electric scooter franchise concept. This is a method by which startups “rent” specialized software and integrate it into their business. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics related to the electric scooter franchise, namely its main advantages and cost based on the e-vehicle franchise by Rexsoft.

Advantages of Electric Scooter Franchise

Rexsoft has been empowering businesses with e-vehicle franchising opportunities since 2017. Here are the most notable benefits of electric scooter franchise you can’t help but notice

H3: Cost Savings

Electric scooter franchise is a cost-efficient opportunity since you don’t have to invest in custom development as the product is already developed. All you have to pay is the cost of an initial fee and then maintain the software with a monthly subscription fee.

H3: Boosted Time to Market Delivery 

Development from scratch is not only pricey but also a lengthy process. Within 1-2 months, Rexsoft programmers prepare an app with a unique design, integrate scooters, and release an application to Play Market or Apple Store, or both.

h3: Advanced Customization Opportunities

With the electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft, there’s no need to worry about a lack of personalization opportunities. In addition to the unique design and adopted functionality of an application, you can suggest and implement any ideas to improve the overall user experience with your app. 

h3: Technical Support Availability

Apart from the development of a turnkey product and then its customization, Rexsoft programmers also focus on its post-release maintenance. By applying for a franchise, e-vehicle sharing business owners get access to professional solution-oriented customer support.

H2: What You Get With Electric Scooter Franchise

Electric scooter franchise provides startups with all the necessities for a streamlined launch. In particular, entrepreneurs get the following tools. 

h3: Application for Users

A scooter sharing application stacked with all the functionality your users will appreciate. This includes the map integration to locate the nearest scooter, the ability to book a vehicle, secure payment gateways, social media integration, and more

h3: CRM for Managers

A powerful business management solution with different roles (administrator, manager, financier, charger, etc) and distributed responsibilities between employees. The CRM is adjusted to the peculiarities of doing business in your region.  

h3: Analytics Tool

An analytics tool that allows managers to gather valuable insights and make effective business decisions based on these insights. For instance, managers can track vehicle movement to define the best places for placing available scooters.

H2: The Cost of Electric Scooter Franchise by Rexsoft

Undoubtedly, the electric scooter franchise is a worthy and beneficial alternative to custom software development. In this section, we’re covering the matter of electric scooter franchise cost and explaining what is included in the price. 

The payment process encompasses two stages. First, you invest in customization and integration of software with your business. This is when you face major expenses of around $6,000-8,000. When the setup is complete, business owners are only required to pay a monthly membership fee, which depends on the number of integrated scooters.