Tips for keeping the sexual life alive for seniors

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Keeping your sex life alive later in life is a great way to keep relationships fresh and exciting. After all, why shouldn’t seniors enjoy sexual pleasure just like everyone else? 

This is a chance to continue exploring your body and try new things that you haven’t before, such as a sensual massage in London or perhaps even a party. Just because you are ageing does not mean you don’t feel a deep emotional connection with your partner, and you should be able to express this through sex.

Consider the challenges you may face

Our bodies naturally change as they age, in different ways for men and womenAs men age, they produce less testosterone than when they were young, which can affect libido and their ability to stay erect for a long time. On top of this, the orgasms might not be as strong or last as long as when they were young.

As women age, the walls of the vagina become thin, which can make sex painful if there is insufficient lubrication. To make sure sex is pleasurable, always have a lubricant nearby!

Because of these changes, sex might not be the same as it was many years ago, but keeping your sex life alive and kicking is a great way to boost confidence, claim power, and connect with your partner. 

Communicate with your partner

Those who are part of older generations might feel like they can’t talk openly about their wants and desires as they were told not to talk about this kind of thing with others since they were young. Because of this, many seniors could have gone decades without ever knowing real sexual pleasure or may not even be aware of it. 

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The only way to break this cycle is to be open and talk with your partner about your desires and find out if they are open to trying new things. Also, if you aren’t enjoying something, you must tell your partner. Otherwise, they will never know and the cycle will continue. 

Consider physical limitations

Growing older means that our bodies do not work the same way they used to, and actions might need to be slower and gentler than they used to. 

You could start with a sensual massage and slowly intensify things to avoid any injury or consider using toys and lube to combat any dryness and help you both climax. 

Before starting, it would also be helpful to discuss which positions you find the most comfortable and which you can sustain for long periods. For example, spending a long time on your knees might not be an option anymore, so a lying position would help you and your partner enjoy sex for longer without aches and pains!

Don’t worry about the finish line.

As we get older, orgasms may not feel as intense as they did before, and this can

play on the mind while having sex, worrying that it’s not going anywhere or that it might take too long to finish. 

The key is not to have sex for the orgasm, but simply to feel close and connected with one another. Intimacy is crucial in any relationship, and a lot of this comes from having sex, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in and enjoy the ride without focusing on the destination. 

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Talk about your fantasy.

Have you always had a sexual fantasy about which you were scared to talk to your partner? Whether it’s role play, inviting others to join or requiring equipment, now is your chance to be open with your partner about what you really want.

This could also mean buying sex toys that will assist you both in getting maximum pleasure from the experience. Start with a sensual massage toy and move onto a vibrator or tie each other up using handcuffs or special rope. 

Live out your sexual fantasies and your sex life will be revived and exciting for both of you!

Research for ideas

If you haven’t been having regular sex for some time, you might feel like you’re out of ideas or like you’ve tried everything. Don’t let this put you off learning new things. Take a trip to your local library or look up some articles online for ideas to bring your sex life back to life. 

Your research doesn’t have to be non-fiction, either. Have some fun by reading an erotic novel and get in the mood while you discover new ideas to try with your partner. 

Perhaps the most essential part of good sex is feeling relaxed and comfortable with your partner, knowing that you are both enjoying the experience as much as each other. The first step is having an open and honest conversation with each other about how you feel about your sex life. If there are things you’d both like to change, then get to work! Sex is for everyone, no matter what your age. 

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