What is a five-wicket haul?


In many sports there are some notable achievements that can be made. In cricket, one of them corresponds to a five-wicket haul. The betting options available at https://www.1xbetbd.com/ are very diverse, and wagering on five-wicket hauls is also possible.

These achievements, which are also known as fifers or five-for, are when a bowler manages to take five or more wickets. Of course, in order for this to be considered as a valid five-wicket haul, this must happen within a single innings.

In fact, this achievement is so notable in the sport, that any player who does it at the Lord’s will have his name written on the Lord’s honours boards. While five-wicket hauls are rare, it can still be a good idea to wager on them at the 1xBet website, as they can be very rewarding.

Notable records

Five-wicket hauls are considered for the three most important variations of cricket. This means that whether someone plays Twenty20, Test matches or One-Day Internationals, they can still be eligible for this achievement. When visiting 1xBet – your live bet options on these three exciting forms of cricket await.

Since five-wicket hauls are rare, only nine players have managed to do it in the three aforementioned forms of the game. Some of those players include:

  • Umar Gul;
  • Rashid Khan;
  • Tim Southee;
  • and Shakib Al Hasan.

Of course, many more players have obtained one in specific variations of the game. But, the list of those scoring five-wicket hauls in the three major forms of the game is very reduced. You can make your live bet at the 1xBet website right now, where wagering on five-wicket hauls is also possible.

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Some notable occurrences

Five-wicket hauls are difficult to achieve. However, this hasn’t prevented some very young players from having them. For this reason, visiting the http://www.1xbetbd.com/line/Cricket/ website in order to wager on these occurrences is highly recommended.

A 16-year-old player called Naseem Shah, this time from Pakistan, had a five-wicket haul in a Test-match. However, this is not the only achievement of this kind made by such a young player. In fact, they have been quite frequent during recent years.

Speaking about Twenty20 international cricket, the youngest player to have a five-wicket haul in this variation of the game was Rashid Khan. He is a Pakistani professional cricketer who had this achievement back in 2019, being just 18 years old at the moment. As it can be seen, five-wicket hauls can be made by basically any player, regardless of their age, that’s why 1xBet offers lots of options to bet on them.

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