How to Add More Excitement to a Get-Together


If you are hosting a small get-together, like a girls’ night or boys’ night or small birthday party, you will probably spend some time planning things like food, drinks, and desserts. You obviously want your guests to eat well and have a good time.

If you really want to create an experience that your guests will remember, instead of just another party in a long line of parties, you can really think of how you can add a little something extra to your party and bring the excitement to the next level. To add more excitement to any get-together, consider the following tips:

Add a Theme

Adding a theme, even to a small get-together can really up the anticipation and excitement as people plan costumes or themed outfits and look forward to the themed food, decorations, and activities. 

Adding a theme can be as simple as asking everyone to wear a certain color, or as intricate as a full party theme like Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby complete with flapper dresses and champagne. A theme party will give your friends an excuse to dress up on a day besides Halloween, and will definitely incorporate some extra fun into your get-together. 

Provide Unique Entertainment

Most parties or get-togethers have some kind of small activity or game to keep guests entertained. Maybe you have a playlist to provide some background music or some lawn games set up for everyone to enjoy outside.

However, if you really want to add some excitement to your party, you can add in some unique entertainment. You can invite a mixologist to come in and teach everyone how to make cocktails or invite a psychic for hire to come in and do readings. There are so many options for including some unique entertainment. The possibilities are almost endless.

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Play Some Games

As mentioned, you may have put out some lawn games at previous get-togethers, but if you want to add even more excitement, why not organize some more exciting games to really get your guests in competition mode?

You can get as creative as you want here, and the games you play really depend on your guests and their preferences. Maybe your guests are super competitive, and you can plan a whole series of “Minute to Win It” challenges. Maybe your guests are old-school and would appreciate a traditional board game. If you are having a theme party, your games could tie in to your theme. This is a broad category that can really bring excitement in so many different ways.  

Incorporate a “Create-Your-Own” Element

Do you remember going to birthday parties in elementary school where you got to make your own ice cream sundae? The ice cream was scooped in a bowl, and you had a whole buffet of toppings you could add yourself, like sprinkles, peanuts, whipped cream, and more.

How exciting would it be for guests to have the same experience at your get-together? And the sky’s the limit here. You can have a “create your own” mimosa bar, or Bloody Mary bar. You can put out all the fixings for tacos or fajitas and have guests make their own. There are so many food, drink, and dessert options, and your guests will have a ton of fun.

You can also use this idea for guests to create a craft or keepsake. You can set up a “create your own” craft or project table so guests can build their own memento to remember your get-together. 

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There are so many ideas to add some fun and excitement to any party or get-together. Choose one or two or a few of the above and your party is sure to be a hit!

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