Choosing The Right Mattress To Avoid Back Pain

Purchasing a high-quality sleeping mattress means understanding the different mattress sizes, materials, and selecting a mattress within your price range. You could potentially end up with back pain if you do not select the right high-quality sleeping mattress based on your body type. It can be frustrating for anyone to choose the right mattress without a bit of guidance. Here are seven ways you can select a sleeping mattress and avoid back pain at the same time. 

  1. A Flawless Mattress Is A Dream 

Mattress advertisers will always tell you that they have the perfect mattress that is excellent in every way for everybody. The reality is that there is no single mattress that is perfect for all body types, sleeping positions, and sleeping preferences. Some people like an extremely soft mattress, while others find themselves drowning in it instead of being able to sleep comfortably at night. Take the time to understand your personal preferences for the qualities of a new mattress so that you can make the right decision based on your budget and preferences when the time comes. 

  1. Time Spent In Inventory

A mattress will lose its quality the longer time a mattress spends in inventory. This means that the mattress might sag or the lining and other parts might not all be in the best of shape at the time of purchase. You might feel comfortable in the new mattress for the first few weeks because of a placebo effect. Do not hesitate to return or exchange a mattress you are not completely satisfied with. 

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Try to purchase the latest version or models of mattresses on the manufacturer’s list. The mattress does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one that the manufacturer has to offer. Instead, look for a mattress that has the qualities you are looking for in a mattress. Some of the best times in the year to shop for a mattress are from May to September. 

  1. Choosing The Right Box Springs

The box spring is the foundation that the mattress will be placed on that is made up of a flat surface. Some box springs will hold the mattress from all four sides and raise it off the ground so that the sleeper is comfortable in their sleep. Older two-sided mattresses require a sturdy frame to hold the mattress so that the bed remains stable as the sleeper tosses and turns in their sleep at night. Do not hesitate to find out if you will need to replace the box springs for the newer mattress, this information is also there on the warranty of the mattress.

Some modern versions of mattresses come with adjustable bases in which the mattress is placed from the start. In such a case, you do not need to purchase a frame for the mattress. The performance of the adjustable bases and mattresses varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Not all manufacturers might be able to provide long-term solutions for a high-quality mattress with an adjustable base. 

  1. Bed Height Is Crucial

Bed height is often one of the most overlooked factors in choosing a high-quality mattress. The pleasure you will get from sleeping in a bed placed at the right height will be much more in comparison to sleeping in a bed that is not at the right height. Having a bed that is too high or too low will cause back pain by the time morning comes. Not all mattresses must be placed at the same height because there are so many different types of mattresses and preferences.

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Sit on the edge of the bed with your knees and both feet parallel to each other. Focus on the position of your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Your feet should be just above the ground level and should require a little push to touch the floor. This means that the bed is at the right height based on your body height and it will not cause back pain. 

  1. Price Is Not A Benchmark Of Quality

The better the quality, the higher the price as far as most products are concerned. But this is not always the case when looking for a high-quality mattress to avoid back pain. You might be thinking about purchasing a mattress that uses the latest technology to help you relieve back pain. Sometimes technology is a gimmick used by mattress vendors to persuade you into purchasing something that might not be as effective in relieving back pain. 

Mattress vendors make preposterous claims about their new technology. In reality, the mattress might not last in the best of quality for even two years. Maybe all you needed to relieve your back pain was an economical memory foam mattress that can last much longer than the latest technology

  1. Take Into Consideration Your Body Type

Some people are built top-heavy, while others are bottom-heavy, and then there are those of us that are exceptionally tall. Each one of these individuals will require different qualities from a high-quality mattress to avoid back pain. The top-heavy people will require that their mattress is a little soft and bouncy so that they do not end up getting back aches or cramps. 

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The bottom-heavy individuals will need their mattress to provide the support that they need for their weight. Without the proper support in a mattress based on your body type, you can expect to wake up with muscle spasms, twitching, or back pain. 

  1. Personalize Your Sleep Experience

We all have odd habits that we partake in before going to bed every night. Some people want the lighting to be a certain way, others want the doors to be either open or closed, and some people like to sleep with their slippers in their bedroom. Take the time to personalize your sleeping experience instead of trying to completely deny that you have a certain habit. 

You can get remote-controlled window curtains if you like to draw the curtains after getting in bed without having to get up. There are light switches that can set the ambiance of the room based on your lighting preference if you do not like it completely dark. Understand the intricacies of what are the ideal conditions for you to fall asleep. Try to achieve as many as you possibly can so that you do not have to wake up with back pain.

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