Five Spring Decor Ideas to Improve Your Portfolio for Interior Designing Career

An interior design portfolio demonstrates an individual’s spectacular examples of finished works and working documentation. As usual, interior designers’ portfolios include more pictures than descriptions and concentrate on showing an individual’s style sense.

In this article, we would like to provide you with a few decor ideas that will help you to improve your portfolio. If you are working as an interior designer or desire to find an interior designer job, it would be nice to learn some useful things about decor design. When designing the interior of apartments, you should also think about beautiful and relevant decor.

Decorating your client’s home for spring can be just as exciting as decorating it for the winter holidays. What is a better way of saying goodbye to the cold weather and that pesky seasonal depression than surrounding yourself with some robust greenery and colours? The key is to keep the decor clean, fresh, and light. Here are the best five spring decor ideas to pay attention to. These ideas will help you to spruce up a space for spring.

Hand-painted faux eggs

Easter is one of the biggest spring celebrations, so why not decorate the surfaces with colourful faux eggs? Fake plastic eggs can be bought in a store, and then use acrylic paint to colour them any way you want. This can turn out to be a fun project for you as well.

Add colourful patterns to the eggs or keep them monochrome for a more minimalistic look. You can also dye them light blue and then cover them with dark specks to make them look like robin’s eggs — a colour perfect for spring. After the paint dries, put the eggs in a glass vase and use it as a centerpiece for a table covered with affordable linens wholesale selection.

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Window stickers

Window stickers aren’t only for Christmas. If you like how paper snowflakes look on a window glass in winter, why not do similar things for spring? You can buy ready-made spring-themed stickers or make them by yourself. Silhouettes of flowers, butterflies, and birds will look great from both sides of a window and instantly add spring vibes to the space.


Nothing says spring quite like flowers. They will add colours to the home and fill it with their sweet smell. What’s more, as a decor piece, flowers are absolutely versatile. They will look good in any room, on any surface, and suit every interior style. A spring bouquet will look charming and classy in a vase, an old bottle, or a basket. You can also come up with a more original way to arrange flowers, such as using old kitchen utensils and vintage teacups to hold them.

Spring twigs in a vase

Arrangements with branches can make an interesting alternative to flowers. Arrange them in a large container — a big vase or a basket — and put them on the floor. You can use a selection of flowering branches (i.e. cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms) or branches with leaves (i.e. eucalyptus, olive). Not only will they look gorgeous, but they also will make your client’s home smell nice and fresh.

Add more light colours

While fall and winter decor gravitates more towards rich dark colours such as brown, burgundy, gold, deep red, and russet, spring favours the lightness of pastel shades: white, blue, cream, and yellow. Switch from heavy dark curtains to some soft flowing ones. Swap your cosy fuzzy blanket with a lightweight summer throw. Decorate your sofa with an arrangement of light-coloured throw pillows. This seemingly insignificant change is a quick and easy way to transform the overall appearance of your client’s space.

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