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Saverslistens survey

Official Saver Listens Survey Guide 2020

Which thrift store do you prefer to buy used items? People usually talk about Savers thrift store, is it worth it? It would be!. Savers is such a blessing for the nonprofit organizations of the USA, Australia, and Canada as it is the largest for-profit store that generates donations and funds for such organizations to help the poor communities. They also present the Official Saverslistens survey to get the opinion of the people.

People can buy second-hand items of the best quality and can also donate their stuff. The company is highly motivated in taking the reviews of the customers just to improve their services and to know how they are working.

savers listens survey
Savers Thrift Store

So are you interested in helping them? You will be because in return you are going to get a discount coupon code as a reward for taking the Savers Listens survey.

Claim Your Reward By Taking Savers Survey

Guess what you are going to win? Okay, relax! let me tell you about your reward, you are going to get a $2 Discount Coupon that you can redeem in the future on a $5 purchase. You can buy jewelry, shoes, clothes, furniture, or anything you want worth $5 and you’ll get a discount of $2.

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There is nothing very hard to take a survey, it just takes your few minutes and then the coupon code will be in your hands. Before all that, you need to read the Saverslistens survey guide to get the complete details about the rules and process to take a survey. So let’s find out what is it!

Necessary Information About

For your convenience, we are providing you this information. Therefore, please give it a read!

Savers Listens Reward $2 Off Coupon
Necessary Purchase/Donation? Yes
Survey Limitation 1 Person Per Month
Coupon Limitation 1 Per Purchase
Receipt Validity? 7 Days
Coupon Validity? 90 Days

COVID 19 Update!

Savers thrift store adopts some preventive measures during this Novel COVID-19 pandemic to provide its customers and workers a protected atmosphere.

  • Opening and closing hours differentiate, so you can tally the time according to your near store from Here.
  • Social distancing is the top priority of Saverslistens. They adopted a change like they created space on floors to avoid public interaction.
  • As another precautionary step, the management will not manage your shopping bags. Rather you can pick and pack your items by yourself at checkout.
  • Special focus is provided to cleanliness and safety.

So now you can visit their store without any problem.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Entry To Saverslistens Survey

Check out your eligibility criteria, whether you are eligible to take a survey or not.

  • Donate something or purchase something from the Savers thrift store. It’s up to you! because you need a receipt to take a survey.
  • You can take a survey only once a month.
  • A receipt is valid for 7 days. So you have to take a survey within this period.
  • Necessary items: Internet connection and an electronic device like a phone or a laptop.
  • You cannot exchange or redeem a coupon with cash.
  • Savers, Value Village, value thrift, Unique Thrift, Village Des Thrift employees are not eligible to take a survey.
  • You cannot return the items that you buy on a coupon discount if you do so then your discount will be deducted.
  • You can use your discount coupon within 3 months.
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For Official Rules, you can also click on the link.

How To Participate In Saverslistens Survey?

The process is really simple, once you follow the given steps, you’ll get your coupon code.

  • Visit the By Clicking Here.
  • For Australian participants, you can visit the savers survey portal.
  • Then select a suitable language, either English or Spanish.
Savers Listens Survey Portal
  • Next, enter the 19 digit code printed don the receipt that you got from the store.
  • Begin a survey, and start giving answers to the given questions accordingly.
  • Drop your ratings according to your previous experience there.
  • Boom! you’ll simply get your coupon code after completing a survey.

Isn’t are steps easy? Don’t forget to follow the simple Saverslistens process.

More About Savers Thrift Store

It is a for-profit organization that has 300 branches in the United States Of America, Canada & Australia. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The first Savers store was started in 1954 in San Francisco, California.

savers listens

They provide a variety of used items to their customers and they never compromise in quality. Their objective is to help the other organizations that are providing funds and serve to the poor communities.

Wrapping It Up!

Now you completely understand the logic behind taking a Saverslistens survey and how you would be able to participate in an online survey. Now enjoy the $2 discount on $5 purchase. Moreover, management is always available to give a response to its customer’s queries. You can contact them on the given number:

Customer Service Number: 800-259-0004

To contact them online you can visit their Online Assistance Page.

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